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Hi I'm Brian Meier  

I was elected by  Waukesha residents for Waukesha County Board Supervisor - District 17

 on April 5th 2022,

Spring Election for a

2-year term.

I was assigned to the following committees;

  •  Land Use, Parks and Environment 

  • Human Resources

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Waukesha County Board Supervisors are elected officials that oversee Waukesha county committees.  The oversight is to verify that the county government is operating accordingly to the will of the tax payers.

County Board Committees



Health and Human Services

Human Resources

Land Use, Parks and Environment

Judicial and Law Enforcement

Public Works

new map post election.jpg

BS Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Project Management Certificate
UWM School of Continuing Ed

Leadership Quest
TalentMiles, Finland

Highway Bridge


Project Management



Brian Meier
Waukesha County Board Supervisor
District 17 

USA Flag
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